Who are the real welfare dependants?



This brief film from the University of California at Berkley posted by upworthy.com is as clear as it gets re: poverty, wealth, and government welfare. Well worth a watch.

Thanksgiving (Three Acrostics)

Editor’s Note: Be sure to read all three before drawing conclusions about the first. -:)

They can afford to drive that car?
How is it possible if they
Are getting food stamps? Is it fair
Now in America to be
Killing yourself with cigarettes,
Smoking away your life, and have
Grandkids while still having kids?
Is there no shame for those who live
Very foolishly on welfare,
Indulging in deserts — to say
Nothing about drinking that beer,
Giving thanks for another day?

Those weasels live above the law,
Having their attorneys to wheel
And deal so they will never pay,
Never spend one day in the jail,
Knowing taxes are not for them.
Some people live in luxury,
Give parties, always see their name
In papers, send their kids away
Very soon to schools where they all
Inbreed and learn of drugs–to say
Nothing about drinking Cristal
Giving thanks for another day.

Giving thanks for another day
Reminds me middle-class folks, too,
Are not perfect in every way:
Cautious, conservative, it’s true–
Everyone for self must pray.

– Steve Shoemaker, Urbana, IL, November 26, 2013