A Question for Grandpa

Elijah and Gordon

“Grandpa,” asked a very concerned four day-old Elijah, “will Donald Trump still be President when I get to vote?”

9 thoughts on “A Question for Grandpa

  1. Well, he’ll be 89 by then, if his life-style and tendency to rage has not carried him off with a stroke. (πŸ˜…). I think Elijah is safe. Of course he will be living in what is left of the U.S. post 45. Maybe a move to France, New Zealand, or someplace. Be sure he learns French so he can go to Quebec (pronounced Ke-beck, accent on “beck.” The “u” is completely silent.).

    Canada — on my mind because I am reading a series of detective novels set in Canada, written by a fine Canadian author (and a fine human being). I don’t see how you could have time for reading anything but serious reading — with humorous bits, of courseπŸ˜‰. But if you want a really good read for diversion, try Still Life, by Louise Penny. (BJ has corresponded with her and has a signed first edition of one of her books.)

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    • Good morning, Carolyn, It’s such a pleasure to catch my proof-reading kindergarten friend in a grammatical COVFEFE! πŸ˜‚ Mrs. Helen Semar is watching our subject-verb agreements. The verb should be ‘have’ in “Well, he’ll be 89 by then, if his life-style
      and tendency…has not….”

      Aha!!! Gotcha!!! Furthermore, Mrs. Martino would make you sit at the back of the class.

      Glad you and BJ are enjoying another book with the word “still” in the title. Cheers!!!

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      • You did indeed get meπŸ€“. Not even the fact that I added “and tendency to rage” after I completed the sentence can forgive the blunder.

        Ah, my poor parents must come to school *again* and insist that I sit in front since I can’t see the blackboard from the back.πŸ˜°πŸ˜€πŸ™.

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