Elijah the 16 month-old walks the dog!

Elijah and Kay swingYesterday 16 month-old Elijah and his mom came by to visit Grandma and Bumpa (Grandpa). But mostly he wanted to play with his friend Barclay, the five year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He took Barclay for a walk and a little conversation on the parking lot, stopping to point to the sky, step up to the sidewalk, leash in hand, and walk Barclay as no one else ever has.

  • Elijah, Barclay, and Bumpa, September 30, 2018.

17 thoughts on “Elijah the 16 month-old walks the dog!

    • Isn’t he fun, Barb? And Barclay is unfailingly patient with him. I’ve never known a 16 month-old to have Elijah’s balance or to want to walk the dog, and be able to do it!!! What a joy to watch this little guy grow up. I’ll watch for an answer to your left-handed question. You’re very observant. I already knew that. Hope new member of the Kidder household is warming your hearts.

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