Scorched and Torched

While global warming accelerates and the rest of the world takes responsible action, we in the USA have decided to fire up the coal to warm ourselves to death.

The Paris Agreement on climate change is toast. It was scorched November 8 by election of a climate change denier who declared global warming was a hoax. Green is about to be torched and scorched into orange.


“Scorched Earth” – Margo Talbot, All That Glitters

Thanks to “The Daily Post” for the invitation to write a piece on the word ‘scorched‘. Lots of us are feeling scorched these days. it’s the first time in my life when orange made me feel blue.

Kyrie eleison.

  • Gordon C. Stewart, Chaska, MN, Nov. 20, 2016.

New EPA Regs: Myths and Facts

Rabbi Arthur Waskow of The Shalom Center in Philadelphia shares this analysis of corporate and media claims regarding the EPA’s new regulations to reduce carbon emissions. Click HERE┬áto read “Myths & Facts: New EPA Regs on CO2 Emissions from Coal Plants.”

Climate change is the number one issue facing every country across the globe. The brutal fact is that the United States is the second only to China on the list of carbon polluters. Rabbi Waskow calls the opposition to responsible climate change action the new Pharaoh.

This morning we posted a piece on Walter Brueggemann’s Sabbath as Resistance. Walter and Arthur share a biblical point of view on the sacredness of Earth and the human vocation.



Confronting our inclination to violence

A thoughtful reflection from New Zealand:

Confronting our inclination to violence.