Elijah in the Mirror

Yesterday Elijah discovered himself in the mirror. He recognized the image as himself. He couldn’t be more delighted.


He shows no sense of shame. Or guilt. Or grief. He’s getting a kick out of himself. Meanwhile, Grandma is on the other side of the room recording the moment for posterity. When Elijah reaches a stage when shame, guilt, and grief threaten to sink his spirit, we’ll pull out the video to remind him of his lovable, adorable self.

Between now and that day which will surely come, we enjoy Grandma’s video, and pray the rest of us find our way to similar joy looking back at us from the mirror.

  • Gordon C. Stewart, Chaska, MN, March 22, 2018

8 thoughts on “Elijah in the Mirror

  1. There is a wonderful line in the current production at the Guthrie of INDECENT that is also my favorite and very apropos. Lemml, the storyteller, tells a young actor who is afraid of her feelings in playing a Lesbian that “when the Messiah comes, no hate, no beating, no sin.”

    If you haven’t seen this stunning piece of theater, run don’t walk – we close Saturday night. The message of humanity and beauty in all things takes one’s breath away. Message me if you want tickets.


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