‘Code Red’ in America

Our democracy is in serious danger. … 

“This is ‘code red‘. The biggest threat to the integrity of our democracy today is in the Oval Office.”Thomas Friedman,”Whatever Trump Is Hiding Is Hurting Us Now,” NYT.

Thomas Friedman is known for being careful with his information, fresh in his analysis, beholden to no one. Friedman does not play partisan ‘Chicken Little‘ to gain an audience. Friedman’s NYT column calling this American moment ‘Code Red’ and the following conversation with Larry O’Donnell took place a month before yesterday’s disturbing news that on April 9 John Bolton, a discredited right wing hawk, will replace H.R. McMaster as National Security Advisor.

I never thought I’d see this day in America. Just when I think it can’t get worse, it does. Unless Congress stops it, Dr. Strangelove will be the president’s right hand man in the White House Situation Room.

Sunday night ‘60 Minutes‘ is scheduled to air Anderson Cooper’s interview with Stormy Daniels. Stormy claims she’s telling the truth. It will be the irony of ironies in a democratic republic if it should come to pass that a truth-telling pornography star alerts Congress and the larger public to the threat to democracy in the White House?

  • Gordon C. Stewart, Chaska, MN, March 23, 2018.

10 thoughts on “‘Code Red’ in America

  1. “I never thought I’d see this day in America.” Me neither. Bolton has me wondering if a coup by the army would be any worse. Well, of course it would, but …. We have a madman in the White House who has chosen a madder man for his NSA, and so far Congressional leadership sits there doing nothing about it. Now instead of “God bless the USA” we need to say “God help the USA”, and as I always add in my mind “…and the whole world.”


  2. Have you ever read any of Thomas Friedman’s work? I really disliked the guy. He may indeed be telling the truth and given my own perceptions, probably is, but he is not much nicer as a human than Trump is. Just saying.


    • Good Morning, Marilyn, I haven’t experienced Friedman in the same way. If you care to say more about your perception, I’m all ears. Maybe I like him because I lived on the street where he grew up in Saint Louis Park. We were the only goyim in the neighborhood and were blessed by our neighbors’ quick repartee, wisdom, and humor.


    • Hello, Marilyn. I think I agree with you about Friedman, despite agreeing with this particular column. At one time I regularly read his column, sometimes thinking him rather “borderline,” but now I must qualify by “I think” because I stopped reading him a long time ago when he began to talk about globalization and seeming to accept without much anguish that this would lead exactly where it has bee, leading, to the wealthy being super wealthy and the rest being in about the condition of the lower class in Dicken’s England — living hand to mouth, no savings, no little treats, well maybe once every five years or so, and then only modest — dont let me waffle on about it, you know what I mean. Anyway I stopped reading him then, thinking “this man may be “practical,” a realist, but he’s not very nice.”


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