Two Flags

Confederate flag, Lake City, FL

Confederate flag, Lake City, FL

A huge Confederate flag waved high over the interstate north of Lake City, Florida in stark contrast to Steve Shoemaker’s verse about Lincoln (posted earlier the same day).

Abraham Lincoln is perhaps America’s most revered President. The spirit of Lincoln is still with us. So is the spirit of John Wilkes Booth and the KKK.

It’s not everywhere in the South you will see the Confederate flag flying. You won’t see it in Key West, the southernmost spot in the United States of America. But some things die hard, and other things never seem to die. Like guns. Like white supremacy. Like war.

– Gordon C. Stewart, writing from Jackson, MS, Feb. 21, 2015



5 thoughts on “Two Flags

  1. Lincoln, TR, Eisenhower, could not be nominated for anything in the old south Republican, Tea Party havens. The Southern Strategy worked for Reagan. The Civil Rights & Voting Rights bills caused a huge shift from. Johnson’s Democratic Party.
    Reagan’s opening speech for his re-election campaign was in Philadelphia, Mississippi. “New Federalism.”

    That and the Robertson Christian Coalition & Falwell – Cal Thomas Moral Majority linked the evangelicals to the Catholic’s Right to Life. The Reagan, Robertson-Ralph Reed, Falwell-Thomas team crushed Tradition of Lincoln in the Republican Party & kept the battle flag flying. The Obama. Is a Muslim, he hates America, under-educated Faux Views watching angry white over 50 man is represented in the south. “God, Guns & Gravy.” is alive under that flag.


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