God, Guns and Gravy

J.H. is an astute student of partisan politics. He wrote this response to yesterday’s post on the Confederate flag flying in northern Florida:

Lincoln, TR, Eisenhower, could not be nominated for anything in the old south Republican, Tea Party havens. The Southern Strategy worked for Reagan. The Civil Rights & Voting Rights bills caused a huge shift from Johnson’s Democratic Party.

Reagan’s opening speech for his re-election campaign was in Philadelphia, Mississippi. He called it “New Federalism.”

That and the Robertson Christian Coalition & Jerry Falwell – Cal Thomas Moral Majority linked the evangelicals to the Catholic’s Right to Life. The Reagan, Robertson-Ralph Reed, Falwell-Thomas team crushed the tradition of Lincoln in the Republican Party and kept the battle flag flying. The Obama is a Muslim, he hates America, under-educated Faux Views watching angry white over 50 man is represented in the South.

“God, Guns & Gravy” is alive under that flag.

J. H.



8 thoughts on “God, Guns and Gravy

    • “The Southernization of America” feels right if it means attacking federal government as interference with states’ rights and a “leave us alone!” individualist mentality. Being in the South for the last month-and-a-half has been an interesting experience, a study in internal contradictions. Friday night near Jackson, MS, I ate at an I-HOP that was more racially integrated than most places in the North. Management and wait staff, clientele, four black MS State Troopers sitting at a table. Very jovial, relaxed atmosphere next to the equally diverse Quality Inn we stayed in. The night before, on the other hand, the motel clerk made a crack about “the law”, confirmed loudly by a man who was in the lobby. The “law” came up because the clerk would’t accept my AE credit card because Kay had made the reservation. Kay had to out to the car to get her credit card. “It the law,” she said with a derisive tone and a frown. In other words, government is interfering with business. “Yeah, it’s the damn feds!” said the guy in the lobby. The clerk, noticing that I wasn’t smiling, said she guessed it was a protection against identity theft.

      I often wonder how the section of the country that hates the federal government is the first in line to salute foreign military interventions. There is an underlying logic to it all – God, guns, and gravy.

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