An Apple for Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook acted with courage yesterday. Click Tim Cook Speaks Up to read his October 30, 2014 letter in BloombergBusinessweek.

Every parent of a gay child, every gay person, every relative or friend should give an apple to the Apple teacher whose inspirations are Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy.

4 thoughts on “An Apple for Tim Cook

    • Mona and Bob, What’s most notable about this “coming out” is his statue in the corporate world. It is a risk taken after Mr. Cook consulted with the Apple Board. The Board stands behind him and his announcement, although there will likely be repercussions in overseas markets that will not welcome this. Lots of people in very public positions are torn with the difference between public perception and personal private reality. Mr. Cook is to be applauded for refusing to play the game of public


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