Is gun control pro-life?

An interesting debate on gun control is developing among Roman Catholics that might be called “How shall Christians be pro-life?”

Click “Catholics raise issue of guns amid calls to end abortion” (New York Times), and leave your comment on “Views from the Edge” to promote discussion.

7 thoughts on “Is gun control pro-life?

    • It’s a very interesting debate within the framework of Roman Catholic theology and ethics. One of the hallmarks of Thomistic Scholasticism is the requirement of logical consistency. It’s so interesting to watch this debate take shape.


      • I have heard so many people, pro gun, who seem to have no compunction about shooting someone that may come into their house uninvited by whatever means. Maybe it is because it is something I would not do. I do not know.


        • It’s interesting, isn’t it, how we have come to re-define “home” as a place apart from the world. Not long ago our doors were always left open, people came and went and we never gave it a second thought. The same thing has happened with respect to children playing pick-up games outdoors in the neighborhood. Michael Moore in Bowling for Columbine mad the case that America has become fear-based. Fear rules from the security systems on our homes, to the guns under the pillows, to the assault rifle, to the shooting range, to the invasion of Iraq and a military (“defense”) budget larger than the next 16 nations put together. And most of those 16 are not enemies; they’re allies. None of this is to say that we are safe. We’re not. But the question is whether fear will destroy what we all long for: a community of mutual care and respect.


  1. If we are pro-life then we should also, as a matter of faith(morals) and/or conscience, support the programs which would let these newborns grow up on an even playing field. Social programs and gun control are necessary to meet this goial.


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