Gun Violence in America

gun violence in AmericaFirst Tuesday Dialogues: examining critical public issues locally and globally* will host three Tuesday evenings of public discussion of the causes and remedies of gun violence in America. Each program will begin at 7:00 PM and end at 8:30 PM.

The series begins with City of Chaska Chief of Police Scott Knight  providing fact information and a law enforcement perspective. Chief Knight just returned from meetings in Washington, D.C. on the epidemic of gun violence  in the wake of the tragedy at Newtown, CT.)

The series then turns to a face-to-face debate between proponents and opponents of increased gun control legislation, and concludes with a broader overview of the problem of violence, guns, self-protection, and law, led by a professor of ethics.

Tuesday, Feb. 5, 7:00 PM: Scott Knight, Chief of Police: “The Epidemic of Gun Violence in America”.

Tuesday, February 19, 7:00 PM: A respectful conversation between a proponent (Protect Minnesota) and opponent (NRA) of greater gun control.

Tuesday, March 5, 7:00 PM:  A professor of ethics lead a discussion of the various Ethical Perspectives by which people of faith and good conscience approach the conundrum of violence, liberty, and the role of law in society.

* First Tuesday Dialogues is a community program of Shepherd of the Hill Presbyterian Church, ”a place for the mind and heart”, offered free of charge on behalf of the public good.  All are welcome.

2 thoughts on “Gun Violence in America

  1. Epidemic… is the word for gun violence in our country. I think that the worst thing is regarding the gun as a solution. Fear is such a loser of an emotion… and that is what seems to drive the gun industry. Is life REALLY so frightful that we need to be prepared to kill and threaten to kill? Does a military weapon provide more sufficient comfort than an outgoing sincere smile? Are we really such anti-social violent people? Or is it possible that the attraction to guns is the result of commercial propaganda?

    I don’t expect to get what I want, but I think it helps to say what you prefer. Since I don’t have to worry about losing votes, I can just state what seems obvious: guns are more dangerous than cars and airplanes, knives, rocks and fists… because military guns are DESIGNED to kill people. You can’t go shopping on your gun and you can’t slice bread with a gun. Guns are for KILLING. Thus, I want the possession, use, storage, and display of guns to be regulated with procedures more serious than automobile requirements. Realistic tax on the gun based upon potential cost to society. I want annual license tabs for each and every gun. You don’t get the license unless you have proof of realistic insurance that covers all potential costs of gun ownership. A license should require a medical check-up that includes a psychological profile. Gun license should require proof of ownership of a gun locker. Ammunition should be taxed to cover potential costs to society.

    Other countries wouldn’t think of putting up with the American gun violence epidemic. The Second Amendment is not a sacred right to guns. If you want to carry military weapons, consider a career in the military. If you are one of those who thinks that the Second Amendment is there to protect you from your government… you belong in some hill billy swamp. You are too stupid to have a gun license.

    I think that there is a relationship between drugs and guns. We control drugs because we think they are a danger to the public. Drugs are not DESIGNED to kill. Guns warrant much more serious control than drugs. Attraction to guns reminds me of attraction to drugs. Big money in the selling of both. Actually drugs are more innocent… kind of a desperate search for relief. Guns really are monstrous devices. Their saving grace… old fashioned outdated pioneer instruments of hunting and gathering, and the delight of a machine that functions well. I get it. It is like a dangerous classic camera. I think that profit is the big killer. Tax the profit out of gun selling please.

    I hope we get over the epidemic. The only place I want to see a gun is in a neat leather holster on a uniformed police officer or soldier. I prefer, by the way, that the holster completely cover the weapon. I do not want to see it. I have visited places where the police holster does fully conceal the weapon. It’s just a white leather reminder that this trusted uniformed person who also carries a badge, has been trusted with the authority to make demands that must be obeyed, at least for the moment.


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