Elijah writes Mr. Hannity about Torona Biris


Dear Mr. Hannity,

This is Elijah. I want to be your friend, but grampa says I can’t be. Maybe if we can’t be friends we can talk like this on our iPads on my way to daycare.

I hope you’re staying safe like gramma and grampa. They won’t go out of the house anymore because the germs are outside. They’re old, like you. We haven’t seen each other for a week because of the torona biris. Mommy says I won’t get it cause I’m just two, but I might carry the biris into gramma and grampa’s house and make them sick and die. How do you carry something you can’t see?

Grampa says he hopes you get the biris. I told him that’s not nice! But he says you’re the one who’s not nice. A lot of people listen to you on TB. They believe you, and sometimes you confuse them. Like when you said the torona biris was a hokes grampa made up, but then changed your mind and said it was real, that it used to be a hokes, but now it’s not. Did you lie? Did you really believe grampa was bad?

You owe grampa and Nancy an apology. So does Mr. Limball. Grampa says Mr. Limball is a lot like you. He throws a lot of stuff against the wall to see what sticks and it gets all over people who believe him on the radio. But Mr. Limball has cancer. We’re supposed to pray for him. Grampa prays for you and Mr. Limball all the time. He says you’re both cancers and we should pray for those who prosecute us. He prays you will just shut up. But his prayers are never answered. Do you believe in prayer?

Have you told everybody you were wrong about grampa and Nancy and the torona biris? Grampa says you should confess. You changed your mind about the biris. So did the president. That’s good. But you still owe grampa and Nancy an apology. Grampa says it’s easy. Just tell them you’re sorry, stop prosecuting them, ask for their forgibnis, and then tell the truth, and tell Mr. Limball to do it too.

Anyway, I hope you listen to grampa. Stay in your house, and don’t say a thing to anybody except Mrs. Hannity about anything until the torona biris is gone. That will make life more peaceful for grampa, and what’s good for grampa and gramma is good for me.

Your friend,


“Love your enemies and pray for those who prosecute you.”

“Barak Obama” (an acrostic) the day after

Rush Limbaugh STOP Obamaism

Rush Limbaugh STOP Obamaism

Get a Rush out of this tongue-in-cheek acrostic by my friend Steve.

“Barak Obama” (acrostic)

Barak Obama was not born here in

America.  He is not qualified,

Really, to be the President.  Fear in

All the conservative radioland:

Knowing he will take away each one’s gun.


ObamaCare says all must be  insured,

But who wants health care for everyone?

Arrest Saddam Hussein?  Don’t say a word…

Marriage should only be between a man

And woman. Gay folks equal?  That’s absurd!

President Barak Obama at National Prayer Breakfast

President Barak Obama at National Prayer Breakfast

Steve Shoemaker, host “Keepin’ the Faith” @www.will.illinois.edu/keepinthefaith. Steve knew the President when he was an Illiinois State Senator. He told me then, “This is one very unique human being. He’s special.”