The Gophers and the Groper

Until University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler shared with the university football players (“the Gophers”) the investigation report of alleged sexual assault that led to the suspension of 10 of their teammates, the team was ready to boycott the Holiday Bowl. The grizzly details — and lots of parent tweets urging them to protect their own futures — put the young Gophers between a rock and a hard place: stand with your 10 teammates and be tagged forever as condoning sexual assault, or reverse the decision to stand together — all for one and one for all — and admit that some things go far beyond “boys will be boys”.

Early yesterday morning, team spokesman Adam Wolitarsky announced the team’s decision to play in the Holiday Bowl.

Rumor has it that the Gophers immediately received a tweet from someone in New York:

“Win one for the Groper!”



4 thoughts on “The Gophers and the Groper

  1. I am not sure what point you’re trying to make here. How is it that the football team ending the boycott (and acknowledging the seriousness of the sexual offenses and getting zero concessions from Kaler and the U of M) is a win for “the Groper”? (I would not have been disappointed had the University decided to just end its football program, but that was a bit of a bridge too far in hope.)

    Did you really write this based on a rumored tweet from New York? Why would you do that? It feels like a social psychology experiment. I think I must be missing something.


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