Ask much of us

“Ask much of us,

expect much of us,

enable much by us,

encourage many through us.”

These words from the prayer that followed Holy Communion yesterday (the Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday) at Trinity Episcopal Church in Excelsior, Minnesota leaped from the page. They are part of the congregation’s Post-Communion Prayer, prayed aloud by all worshipers.

In deep gratitude for this moment,

this meal, and for these people,

we give ourselves to you, most holy God.

Take us out into the world

to live as changed people

because we have shared the Living Bread

and cannot remain the same.

Ask much of us,

expect much from us,

enable much from us,

encourage many through us.

May we dedicate our lives to your glory.


I needed that. I need daily to be reminded, asked, enabled, and encouraged to live actively in gratitude.

– Gordon C. Stewart, Chaska, MN, March 30, 2015

2 thoughts on “Ask much of us

  1. Gordon, I have long referred to the Episcopalian Service Book for many appropriate congregational prayers. I, too, find these words to be helpful, reminding me of the charge I accepted at my Confirmation.


    • Jim, I find something in the Episcopal liturgy and The Book of Common Prayer that lifts me in ways other worship practices do not. The liturgy is prayerful, contemplative, expressed is language free of clutter. It is clear that we are there to honor the Holy One rather than our little selves, our little church, or our little whatever. Glad to know you’ve found it useful too.


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