Four-letter Words

Two four letter words are clean as a whistle until placed side by side.

‘Karl’ could be just another guy, like George Karl, the NBA coach, Karl Malden…or maybe Karl Rove.

‘Marx’ could be Groucho, Harpo, Chico, or maybe Richard. Or it could be mistaken for the word ‘marks’ as in grades in school. Or for targets, as in ‘marksmanship’.

Each name by itself has four letters but is not yet a four-letter word. Either can be spoken out loud. But speak the two together, as in ‘Karl Marx’, and heads will turn, fingers will wag, charges will be brought, electronic ears will be listening.

It’s popular to be a Groucho, Harpo, Chico, or Richard. It’s not so safe if your name is Karl, unless your last name happens to be Rove.

The older Karl grew up in a white house in Trier, Germany, but he never occupied the White House

Karl Marx Haus in Trier

Karl Marx Haus in Trier

The White House

The White House

3 thoughts on “Four-letter Words

    • Mona, Will it ever happen? Not in our lifetime. But we still follow the way nevertheless. Some words are triggers of irrational fear. I like the biblical concept of ‘naming’ which New Testament scholar Walter Wink said was “unmasking the powers”. In this case, the powers of language. Thanks for the comment! I miss seeing you. Not everything about retirement is wonderful. -:)


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