Election Night: Hoping we’ll all pull through

A song of lament for tonight’s midterm election.

The lyrics come from Psalm 137 where the people’s conquerors ridiculed their captives, taunting them to sing one of their native songs, the songs of Zion. Big oil and coal won tonight. Mitch McConnell won. So did the other deniers. Things like climate change action can’t wait for the next election.

God bless the memory of Pete Seeger who was always singing the aspirational songs of hope in times like this. God bless us all.


7 thoughts on “Election Night: Hoping we’ll all pull through

  1. “Hoping we’ll all pull through” Amen, hoping is right!

    On another topic, do you read Rob Bell’s books?

    Hopefully you will continue “Views from the Edge” now that you’re retired.

    Do you have a personal e-mail address you can send me?

    Michah 6:8 JoAnne


    • JoAnne, Thanks for reading this stuff and for commenting. Pete Seeger’s last composition (I think it was his last) has become a favorite. We’ve sung it at Tuesday Dialogues and in worship at Shepherd of the Hill in Chaska. And Micah 6:8 is such a fine summary of what it means to be human: Do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly. Seemed to me all three of those qualities took a beating last night. It’s happened many times before, of course, but we weren’t on the verge of Climate Departure as we are now. Climate change has been off the agenda by too many candidates. Bernie Sanders is the clearest on this. Four issues, he says: jobs, infrastructure, minimum wage, and action on climate change.


  2. Now is it time to pressure the president to do the right thing by his promises to us progressives with whatever authority he has? Obviously he has nothing to gain by cooperating with the House and Senate with which he is saddled. Or at least that’s how it seems to me. I for one intend to do what I can to remind him to keep his promises wherever he can — especially re the environment.


    • Mona, Democracy for America sent out an interesting analysis demonstrating that where Democrats ran as “Republican-Lite” they lost. Where they stood strong on their voting records and what they stand for – Al Franken and Mark Dayton are examples – they won. This election was lost by the cowardly Democratic candidates like McConnell’s opponent (who ran an anti-immigrant ad that turned the electoral polls toward McConnell. If the choice is between a jerky chameleon and a straightforward jerk, Kentuckians chose the jerk who didn’t change colors.

      As for the environment, we need to encourage the President and every other elected official to take solid action now. Keep the pressure on and keep singing with Pete Seeger. If there’s a silver lining of any sort, it’s that Senators Sanders, Warren, and Franken shine brightly. They and other bold progressives have earned the attention of the Democratic Party.


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