Election Day

Today we go to the polls.

Yesterday a Minnesota voter from Minnesota House of Representatives District 7B noticed something very strange. She’s a Democrat. She also believes in fairness and clean play in political campaigns and was, therefore, distressed and confused by seeing a picture of Kerry Gauthier posted as the photograph of Travis Silvers (R) on an online voter ballot. Click HERE for the mistaken identity.

Travis Silvers is a Republican. He’s young.silverstravis

Kerry Gauthier is a Democrat. He’s the older, one-term State Representative from District 7B who left the legislatures following a widely publicized encounter with a 17 year-old at a highway rest stop. The publicity was ugly.


So…how does the photo of Kerry Gauthier appear on the MN-voter.org website as Travis Silvers?

Did someone hack the MN-Voter.org website in order to deceive or confuse visitors to the site? Or maybe some smart-alec submitted the photo as a way of having fun?  Or… dirty tricks?

Views tom the Edge reported the error to mn-voter.org yesterday, but we may never get a response.

Today we go to the polls. Finally, the alarmist campaign emails and phone calls will stop. But obfuscation and shenanigans will not. We will continue to substitute personality and personal stories for policy and substance. Dirty politics and slimy innuendoes will continue to be the order of the day.

Whatever the result of this election, it’s a sad day for the American people. Do we deserve better? Only time will tell.

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