Climate Change – Making a Real Difference.

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The London Rally The London Rally

What Has Changed and How You Can Help

Today, Monday  22nd September 2014, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund pledges that it will divest itself of all fossil fuel assets.   It is reported that 650 individuals and 180 institutions have joined this pursuit as part of the worldwide  Divest-Invest  platform which began seven years ago.   This is surely  a death knell for those companies and politicians who do not push forward with green technology and policy.

The situation is beginning to change.   I believe it has come about because all the elements for change are now in place.  We have much to thank the genuine climatologist for.  They have for decades faced an uphill struggle, often against personal abuse in attempts to discredit them.  There is now sufficient awareness to have raised simultaneous protest right across the world, with a report of 400,000 attendees in Manhattan…

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8 thoughts on “Climate Change – Making a Real Difference.

      • Kathy and I spent time on the Green Line yesterday scoping it out. I’ve ridden the Blue Line many times. The difference is the green is slower because of more Univ Ave intersections for it to cross. The other difference is it has more retail than the Blue down Hiawatha Ave. to MOA. The Blue, because of the MOA, ends up being just as consumer/retail oriented. This could be interpreted as a bad sign since the forces of consumerism dictated the reasons for light rail construction masquerading as mass transit, as in, taking cars off the roads. IOW, attempts to increase sales through mass transit results in increases of production of CO2. People who are immobile without cars now become better consumers cuz their range is expanded as they craze for deals along the light rail corridors. Nothing against the have nots being mobile but there are probs with the selling of $billion transit systems as solutions to travel. Just a thought.


      • Mass transit in Japan, Germany, and France means what it says. The trains provide transportation to and from more distant locations while the urban centers offer such fine local bus and metro systems that mass transit is more convenient for everyone than driving a car, parking it, etc. as well as paying the associated costs. Mass transit is CHEAPER and more ecologically responsible. Riding the Blue Line from downtown Minneapolis to the St. Paul – Minneapolis Airport a number of times, I’ve enjoyed the diversity of riders: racial, ethnic, economic, some with bicycles, etc. The Mall of America is, I’m sure, a destination for some, but I’ve never gone all the way to the MOA, so don’t have a clue. The other side of the equation is that it CAN bring the visitors to the MOA to downtown Minneapolis – Target Field, Target Center, the Guthrie, etc. – which, as you note, is largely in support of the downtown center of commerce. I’ve been concerned for years for the continual investment in the vitality of the urban core after seeing too many cases where they have disintegrated. Minneapolis is one of the places on the map that is at least trying to plan sustainably. I haven’t ridden the Green Line. Next stop!


  1. I couldn’t believe MSP radio talk show host & Mn State Legislator/cand for Gov, Dave Thompson, go on & on yesterday about the fools in the New York march. Even in the face of this change in the game the deniers will go on by calling the Rockefellers part of a plan to create world government. It is scary to think about what the rest of the oil cartels will resort to to head off divestment but just like South African disinvestment it is inevitable that we will move to alternative fuels.


    • Gary, Indeed. They will go to any lengths to protect and advance their self-interests. In the end, I agree with you – there is no doubt that the change will happen. The question is how soon! Only a public whose conscience and consciousness are deeper than the advertising campaigns that confuse us can divestment and reinvestment forward. We in the U.S. are number 2 in carbon emissions. We need a re-investment plan that addresses the shift to renewable energy and the rebuilding of the nation’s infrastructures.


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