The Tender Voice of Frederick Buechner

In the aftermath of Robin Williams’ death I turned to author Frederick Buechner who has reached me in the dark times of my life. Fred here preaches on Thomas, the Twin, whom he identifies as his twin, my twin, your twin. Like Anne Lamott’s piece posted on Views from the Edge last week, this is the life of faith at its best. Peace!

3 thoughts on “The Tender Voice of Frederick Buechner

  1. Fine sermon. I heard Fred B preach at McCormick a few years back. Took a dozen books for him to sign (me half, Nadja half), including a 1st edition of his first book. He noticed… I also have a Thomas the Twin sermon I’ve preached in 4 states & one foreign country. If I can find a typed copy, I’ll send it to you.

    Steve Shoemaker Urbana, IL


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