Mumblety-peg playersSteve Shoemaker’s friends call him “Shoe” to this day. Shoe is 6’8″ with huge feet and shoes.


When we played “Stretch” we used our feet,
and not some “candy” wooden stick
stuck in the ground. From my pocket
the folded Barlow knife I’d pick
up by the blade and spin into
the ground. My grade school friend would yell
if it would land anywhere too
close to his tenny-runner shoe,
“Shoe, you can go straight down to hell!”
Then I would have to stand while he
taught me strict reciprocity.

– Steve (“Shoe”) Shoemaker, Urbana, IL, May 19., 2013

You say you’ve never heard of Mumblety-peg? Click HERE for a “manly” definition on “The Art of Manliness” website :-).

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