Verse – First World Problems

My basement desk is extra large
because my grandfather who gave
it to me was a builder who
rolled out blueprints for many huge
commercial projects on it. Save
for one lamp, it is now piled high.

My double garage had a space
for the riding mower, but it
is now in the new backyard shed.
The room around the hybrid cars
now holds all of the tools that fit
on walls and shelves and floor instead.

Our Storage Unit’s deep and wide.
We can’t remember what’s inside.

– Steve Shoemaker, Urbana, IL, Feb. 14, 2014

Staying Together

Looking for advice on how to stay together? A wise old owl speaks in verse this morning:

It takes two, of course, since either one

is free to leave at any time.

But if both are strong and firm to come

and work together, you may find

problems can be solved.  Sit side-by-side

and face the issue–not your mate.

Listen, learn, respect, rephrase, repeat

before you even start to speak.  

If the conflict is not solved, you still

have both shown that you have the will,

faith, and hope to stay together.  Love

will not come floating from above:

love is built by kindnesses and care–

hard work can save you from despair.

– Steve Shoemaker, host of Keepin’ the Faith with Steve Shoemaker on WILL, Urbana, Illinois, celebrating 47 years of marriage to Nadja.