POTUS-Elect: chances are . . .

It’s been a week since our last post here. Why? Because, after waiting for signs that the POTUS-elect is more mature and more responsible than we’d seen on the campaign trail, the sense of shock has not abated. It increases daily with tweets that read like they come from a junior high school student or a psych ward.

On the heels of tweets stating the reason he didn’t win the popular vote was that 3,000,000 people voted illegally, Tom Toles of the Washington Post hit the nail on the head when he generously put it this way:

“But nevertheless, that’s [President-elect] what he is, and because he is still willing to make such baseless and damaging assertions about the actual electoral apparatus of our democracy, by blaming the voters themselves, it’s pretty clear that he is simply an irresponsible person, in the worst possible place for such a person to be.” – “Trump Just proved he’s a pathological liar. Which is worse: The  lying or the pathology?”

Chances are Toles is right. I’m sorry to post this. But we owe it to readers something of which the POTUS-elect repeatedly confirms he is incapable: straight-talk, honesty, sanity, and adult responsibility.

  • Gordon C. Stewart, Chaska, MN, November 28, 2016.