green storm clouds – Kay Stewart photography

Tonight the storm blew in

Darkness covering the deep.

Green-sky funnel clouds

threatening everything that is

passed over, passed over

blew on past

while beauty rarely seen swept in

as morning follows night.

yellow puffs of mercy,

puffs of wonder,

yellow cotton-candy light

puffed across the sky

pushed by first-light breeze

that cooled the skin

refreshed the air and

took my breath away!

– Gordon C. Stewart, Mother’s Day, 2004

Yellow cotton-candy clouds – Kay Stewart Photography

Sometimes I feel blue

Purple-yellow iris (Kay Stewart photography). Poem by you know who.

Purple-Yellow Iris

Sometimes I feel all blue

Sad      Sorry      Down

Like the Blues

A Rhapsody in Blue



When the Blues

Begin to play in me,

It happens –


Blue bursts into purple

Leaping into joy

And a burst of sun-burst yellow

Comes crashing through the blues

I feel all clean

All wet    All  up

Like a hymn

An ode to purple-yellow joy

Dew Drops on a Spider’s Web

This small spider’s web, tucked away in the corner of a flower box on our deck, was noticed by Kay and preserved with her camera.

When Kay showed me what she’d found with her camera, I was blown away.  Very grateful.  And very wonderfully small. Breathless.

Here’s what I wrote:

who are you, little i, sitting above the world so high? (e. e. cummins)

from the high perch home hammers and saws have made

on land leveled by bulldozers and gas-guzzling insect graders?


Then I see it…in the early morning sun:


the all-but-imperceptible home spun from inside a spider’s womb, wet with drops

strung like beads so small… so delicate… so light

they leave the spider’s home intact, a natural grace respecting  strength and weakness – a lightness of being that does not crush or break this hidden part –

this most amazing part – of the larger Web of Life we barely see.