Clowning Around


Clown Selfie @ The Porterhouse, Oct. 31, 2018

“People tell me they feel so much more available to life once they learn how to clown around. That’s what being a clown is about; it’s about touching your soul and finally giving it room to laugh.” —Arina Issacson

— Gordon C. Stewart, 20th wedding anniversary, Halloween, 2018


Stillness on All Hallows’ Eve

Kay in the Boundary Water Canoe Wilderness Area

Kay in the Boundary Water Canoe Wilderness Area

Woke up this morning with a song singing in my head. It happens more often as I move toward retirement. Sometimes it’s a hymn. During the World Series it was “America the Beautiful”. The music comes uninvited. Sometimes it seems to come from nowhere.

This morning, October 31 – All Hallows’ Eve, Halloween – the tune (without lyrics) was “Still, Still, Still,” the Austrian Christmas carol! It’s also our 16th Wedding Anniversary when “Still, Still, Still” (“Calm, Calm, Calm”) must have known what I feel when I think of Kay.

Here’s “Still, Still, Still” played by child prodigy Akim Camara on his violin. Look for the joy on his face.

Boy gets a life Lesson on Halloween

Small boy dressed as Robin. I give him candy and he says “I don’t like that. I want the M&Ms in the bowl.” I say, “I already gave you candy”. He says, with more belligerence, “I want the M&Ms”. I say, “Take what you got kid. You can’t always get what you want. How’s that for a life lesson?” Diane bans me from handing out anymore candy.

– Mark Wendorf, Sanford, ME, friend and colleague with a great sense of humor. Diane is Mark’s spouse.