The Young Mother’s Risk

“I’d have gotten in the car

with an ax-murderer,” she said.


“It was long before cell phones.

I was driving between towns

when my baby in the car seat went into

fever convulsions.  I knew

exactly what it was since

her older brother had them too.

I pulled over on the Interstate

four-lane highway and poured milk

from her bottle over her head

to cool her down.  Standing beside

the road,  I had a finger in her mouth

to keep her from swallowing her tongue,

when a car pulled over and backed up

to where we were.  I climbed right in

and said to the man driving,

‘Take us to a hospital emergency room!’

The nurses cooled her down quickly

and she was fine.  I never saw

the Good Samaritan again…”


– Steve Shoemaker, Urbana, IL, Jan. 10, 2013