Can Crocodiles Fly?

What is real?

Tomorrow’s 2022 election is about reality. Some appearances are real, others are not. Some things are fixable, other are not. Some illnesses are curable, others are terminal.

Which is climate change? Which is democracy? Though the ballots do not ask these questions, the results of this election will tell us what we think is real, fIxable, and curable or unreal, unfixable, and terminal.

Priorities: a habitable planet

Climate change belongs at the top of every ballot. Check one: climate change is real/not real. Check one: A habitable planet is/is not more important than everything else on this ballot. Check one: My vote does/does not matter.

All other legitimate concerns, irrespective of partisan perspectives — the economy, capitalism or socialism, taxation, race, nation, human rights, war, peace, women’s rights, end of life decisions, agriculture, integrity, truth, qualifications for office, religion, crime, integrity, distribution of wealth, poverty, hunger, ability, and energy — count for nothing without a habitable planet.

Fame is not a qualification for public office

Fame/infamy does not qualify or disqualify a candidate for public service. Personal integrity, character, experience, a sense of humility, and vision for the future — not media visibility or public popularity — are appropriate considerations for a voters decisions.

If media visibility and popularity qualify people for public office, I’d bet on Oprah. Odds would be lower for Kanye West, Elon Musk, Eric Zuckerberg, or Jeff Bozos.

Celebrities on the 2022 ballot include a Hall of Fame football player in Georgia; a retired cardiovascular surgeon-television entertainer in Pennsylvania; a high-profile Phoenix TV news anchor in Arizona. All of them join a higher profile entertainer in denying the legitimacy of the 2020 election, denying that climate change is real, and defending the continuance of fossil fuel producers.

Crocodiles can’t fly or lie

If you believe crocodiles are harmless, and that crocodiles can fly, take a deep breath before you vote. What most distinguishes crocodiles from humans is simple. Crocodiles can have you for lunch, but can’t get their heads around climate change or democracy, and they can’t lie any more than they can fly.

Gordon C. Stewart, public theologian, writer and author of Be Still! Departure from Collective Madness (2017 Wipf and Stock), Brooklyn Park, MN, Nov.6, 2022.

3 thoughts on “Can Crocodiles Fly?

  1. Thank you again Gordon, again you nailed it. I read this through tears. All of the election stuff plus health issues in every corner of my family… and then I look out my window and see the beautiful fall leaves. Prayers up that we vote well and wisely today, I want us all to be able to see the beauty for years to come.
    ~ Nancy ❤


    • Nancy, if no one else is kind, I know I can always turn to ackeldatter! It’s so good to hear from you, but “health issues in every corner of my family” concerns me. I think you have my email, if you care to share more sensitive information. Grace and Peace to you and yours!


  2. Somehow it comes down to expectations. The next generation was better educated, had more opportunities to be comfortable, and, yes expected the continued privileges. With parents wanting better for their children so they didn’t have to do without, or sacrifice, or work so hard….we created this selfish generation. Exceptions of course, but the obvious privilege demanding loudest voices are our spoiled children. Missing the common good, interdependence of people and earth, immature behavior is rampant. It is too easy to do easy for too many. I’m sorry!


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