Stop this NOW whether guilty, or not guilty be reason of insanity.

Today Martin Luther King Jr’s successor was elected to the U.S. Senate. It was also the day Senators and Representatives wore gas masks in their chambers of the nation’s Capitol. Yesterday’s elections of Rafael Warlock and Jon Ossof in Georgia is an historic moment never to be forgotten by historians. Whether it will become a footnote depends in part on the Trump far-right occupation of the Capitol where the work of representative democracy tales place.

“We’re still fighting, and you’re going to see what’s going to happen.”

Donald J. Trump to rally in Dalton, GA, Monday, January 4, 2021.

Today we saw what was going to happen

“Liberate Michigan,” “Stay back and stand by (Proud Boys)”, and get ready for “trial by combat” (Rudy Giuliani today) beg for answers. How and why was the U.S. Capitol security left so insecure?

The President was silent until a tepid text and video that stoked the fire he lit. Where was Homeland Security? Where was the U.S. Attorney General? Where were the federal agents who cleared Lafayette Park so the president could hold up a Bible the book in front of the Saint James Episcopal Church, and return to declare himself “your law-and-order President”?

The violent insurrection that invaded the U.S Capitol today is an act of domestic terrorism orchestrated by domestic enemy #1 and supported by 12 cowardly senators and 100-plus representatives who broke their oaths of office.

Stopping it now

May Congress re-convene tonight to finish its constitutional responsibility of approving the Electoral College certification of the 2020 election. But do not stop there. Ask how and why the Capitol was so unprotected, and move now to remove the president before he does worse in the two weeks he will remain at the desk of the Oval Office: Declare Marshal Law as the guardian of law-and-order, a military attack on Iran’s nuclear research sites, and who knows what else.

Who needs foreign enemies when you have a law-and-order domestic terrorist inciting a coup d’etat in the homeland? Do it now. Before it’s too late. Do it, members of the House and Senate, before America becomes the cuckoo’s nest. Impeach him and send the men in white coats before the country loses its soul to Mein Kampf.

Gordon C. Stewart, Chaska, MN, January 6, 2021.

5 thoughts on “Stop this NOW whether guilty, or not guilty be reason of insanity.

  1. Ilhan is drawing up emergency articles of impeachment. Perhaps this time these will be passed. In any case, it is imperative that Trump is silenced for the next two weeks


    • IIhan is not the right one to draw up articles of impeachment. Adam Schiff is the one to bring articles of impeachment that are brief, pointed, and have the greatest likelihood of gaining widespread support from the general public.

      Whatever happens needs to be done today BEFORE a whacked president invoked Marshall Law based on the narrative circulating among Trump supporters, i.e., what happened yesterday was an insurrection plotted by Antifa and “leftists.”

      IMHO, the most progressive members of Congress owe it to the greater good to “stay back” and keep themselves out of the spotlight.


      • From POLITICO, just now:
        TO THAT END, soon-to-be-Majority-Leader CHUCK SCHUMER called for Trump’s immediate removal from office, urging VP MIKE PENCE to initiate the 25th Amendment process to declare the president unable to fulfill his duties. “If the Vice President and the Cabinet refuse to stand up, Congress should reconvene to impeach the president,” he said.

        We hear these calls are reaching a fever pitch in the House Democratic Caucus as well, with some demanding the return of Congress to address this immediately. In fact, Rep. ILHAN OMAR (D-Minn.), joined by a slew of Democratic colleagues, plans to introduce a privileged resolution to impeach Trump for his role in the riots as well as his pressure campaign against Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger just days ago. Under that maneuver, a single member can force a vote on the floor. The precise timing is uncertain.


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