Faith, Patriotism, and the Administered Consciousness

Working all week to complete a Views from the Edge autobiographical reflection on faith as I understand it, I laid it aside. This 2014 sermon on faith and patriotism is the best I can do during the the coronavirus pandemic and getting back to Americans’ favorite activity: shopping.

Sermon on radical imagination beyond the administered consciousness

Thanks for dropping by Views from the Edge: To See More Clearly. Grace and peace to you, Gordon C. Stewart, Be Still! Departure from Collective Madness (2017, Wipf and Stock), writing from home in Chaska, Minnesota.

2 thoughts on “Faith, Patriotism, and the Administered Consciousness

  1. Savoring my M & Ms one at a time, from your book. I LOVE the last paragraph of your Acknowledgments, and was especially moved by “Two Kinds of Religion” – my choice of chapters last night. Thank you.


    • Good Morning, Carla. A thank you like this one savoring chapters of Be Still! like M & Ms is joy in the morning. The Brothers of Opal Street never would have imagined their effect on the naive do-gooder or that 56 years later they would be acknowledged for anything, let alone in a book at the top of the NYT Worst Sellers List.


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