Trump ghost writer Tony Schwartz tells his story on YouTube

Tony Schwartz knows Donald Trump in a way no one else does. Ten (10) days before the 2016 election, he shared his experience at an Oxford University public forum preserved on YouTube.

Click HERE to listen in on what you knew and didn’t know before listening to the ghost writer of The Art of the Deal, the book that put a 38 year-old real estate developer on the NYT Best Sellers list and onto the world stage.

Gordon C. Stewart, author of Be Still! Departure from Collective Madness (49 two to four page social commentaries on faith and the news), Chaska, MN, April 4, 2020.

4 thoughts on “Trump ghost writer Tony Schwartz tells his story on YouTube

  1. Thanks for this, Gordon. You know I think a lot about the Shadow. In my classes I used to tell a memory of me at about age 10. I was visiting a nice middle class family (high probability they were Lutheran) with my parents.Their daughter — my age — and I went off to play in her bedroom. There she told me about the neighborhood gang she belonged to and how their motive was to hurt each other. I remember feeling a hunger to belong to something like that — I mean, HUNGER! I’ve never forgotten that feeling .I had an encounter with the Shadow that day. So real! So compelling! So fortunate I didn’t establish or join such a gang.


    • That’s a form of the Shadow I did not expect lurking in that little Mona! Wow! It’s there in all of us. Especially the Scotts wearing those silly tartan kilts and Marching around eating their chests, blowing those damn bag pipes in case we found some Brit we could kill. But the Swedes? Maybe the Danes, but not the Swedes! Maybe your little girl friend was Danish or Norwegan or a Swedish Baptist, but surely not a Swedish Lutheran.

      Did you know that Harvard NT scholar Krister Stendahl retired to accept appointment as Lutheran Bishop of Stockholm? Wonderful man — NYT obit:


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