Elijah tells Grandpa “Pickle is good!”

We’re in a real pickle this morning, Elijah. I don’t know how we’re ever going to get out it!

dill pickle

I like pickles! Pickles are good. You’re getting senile, Bumpa. You can’t get in a pickle!

No, no, we’re not inside a pickle. It’s is an idiom.

You said a bad word, Bumpa! I’m telling Mom! Mom says we’re not supposed to use that word.

I didn’t say idiot, Elijah. I said idiom. It’s a figure of speech, like “It’s raining cats and dogs.”

It’s raining cats and dogs? You must be senile, Bumpa. I’m little, but I’ve never seen it rain cats and dogs, and I know we can’t fit inside a pickle! You’re freaking me out!

I like pickles, too. Well, most kinds of pickles. Especially sweet pickles, like bread-and-butter pickles. I also like Jewish deli pickles. But this morning’s pickle is a real pickle that makes me sick.

Yeah, I hate that. I was sick last week. I hate throwing up.

Some pickles are sweet. Some pickles are sour. It’s the sour ones that sour my stomach.

So, are we in a sweet pickle or a sour pickle? Are we in a little pickle or a big pickle?

A BIG pickle, and it’s really sour.

You should only eat bread and butter pickles, Bumpa, and stop watching Rachel and Ari. Turn off the television and have a bread-and-butter pickle. Pickle is GOOD!

TURN UP THE SOUND and listen carefully as Elijah with his pickle tells his mother “Pickle is good!”

19 month old Elijah, notice the pickle in left hand, tells his Mom, “Pickle is good!”

— Bumpa Gordon, Chaska, Minnesota, January 29, 2019.

6 thoughts on “Elijah tells Grandpa “Pickle is good!”

  1. Elijah is cute! May I be his surrogate uncle? I’d send him a birthday card. I’ll send it to him C/O) you. Did you know Harry and Judy Maghakian? I was surprised to learn of Harry’s death. He has a son whos an ordained minister. When Harry, Judy and I were in seminary at SFTS, I baby sat David and house sat a house sat for them a house that Harry and Judy house sat for another family at Christmas when Harry and Judy wanted a few days away. jouse .


    • Don, Consider yourself appointed as of this moment. For your calendar, Elijah’s birthday is May 22. I’ll tell him of his adoption and get him ready to receive Uncle Don’s birthday card on his second birthday.

      I did know Harry. He was an institution in this presbytery. So alive. Joyful. Strong and steady. Those Armenians are like that. David is a chip off the old block. If and when I see him, I’ll remind him of his babysitter and Elijah’s uncle.


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