Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame journalist Garry Armstrong shares a very personal memory that casts a light on the current moment of American history.


Antoine (l) and Gary (r) Armstrong at the Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame ceremony.

Like Garry, I remember Eric Sevareid. I also remember Garry for his reporting from Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Garry’s SERENDIPITY memory came to my attention this morning after a McCarthy type threatening comment appeared in response to Views from the Edge‘s post contrasting the character and behavior of Senator John McCain and the president who disdained him. Garry and I are the same generation. Our experiences are parallel. We both wear hearing aids, but we still believe our eyesight is as keen as it was when Joe McCarthy threatened a democratic republic. – Gordon C. Stewart, August 28, 2018.

1 thought on “GROWING UP WITH McCARTHY – Garry Armstrong

  1. Thank you, Gordon. I think the younger generations need to realize that no one gets the world “for free.” We all need to face down the bad guys and we all need to fight back. It’s no one’s fault except maybe for the failure of this country to remember its past.

    But you know, they are going through similar things in many European countries. Apparently, they have a bit of their own form of dementia. Maybe that’s why we never quite “move forward.” If you don’t remember the past, you are that twig who doesn’t know it’s part of a tree.

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