The Light Shines in the Darkness

“Hold to the Good” once again speaks clearly what so many of us are feeling as Christmas nears. Thank you, John Buchanan and Marilynne Robinson. By all means, hold to the good, hold to the light the darkness cannot overcome.

Hold to the Good

I’m finding it difficult to be hopeful this Christmas. The slow, steady, daily attacks on what I hold dear and what I cherish about my country are eroding my spirit, even the week before Christmas.

My government is….
– loosening regulations designed to protect my grandchildren from the effects of environmental degradation,
– lifting restrictions on mining and drilling that will endanger wildlife and reduce the precious areas of stunning national beauty every president before this one, all the way back to Theodore Roosevelt, regarded as national treasures to be protected and preserved,
-alienating long-time traditional allies, asserting “America First” at the expense of the welfare of all people and all nations,
– turning away from empirical science about climate change and human responsibility for global warming which the vast majority of scientists, and even the Pentagon, regard as real threats to life on our planet,
-attacking any information it…

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3 thoughts on “The Light Shines in the Darkness

  1. I worked along side a woman who came to the USA at the end of WWII. She and her husband, both university graduates spent most of the war traveling from pace to place in order to stay out of the prison reserved for those Germans who actively stood against Hitler. Marilyn and I had them over for Thanksgiving dinner.
    Upon reading your blog I was reminded of something that Anna said when asked about that time of their life. She said: We were exiles in our homeland. Without comparison I feel pretty much like an exile in my homeland.
    I find it so difficult to understand how some of my acquaintances are still supporting our President.
    I can continue in the hope that is gefted to us with the birth of Jesus our Christ. Hope with the knowledge of being loved strengthens my hope which is now being stretched.

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