God and the gods in Alabama

The Alabama Senate race was mostly about God and the gods. The election of Doug Jones over Roy Moore shows that, though God and the gods were often confused, Alabamians declared by a very slight margin that God may not be white.


Some things die hard. In America, no core convictions die harder than 1) white supremacy, white superiority, white exceptionalism, and 2) male supremacy, male superiority, male exceptionalism.  It’s not just in Alabama. It’s not just in the mind of Roy Moore. It elected a president who, like Roy Moore, dismisses all claims of sexual harassment as a partisan media hoax, supported Moore’s candidacy, and issues a tweet that suggests Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who has called for his resignation, is what misogynists see as the only alternative to the Virgin Mary.

Doug Jones beat Roy Moore yesterday by a hair. But, as a defiant Roy Moore rightly said, it’s not over. Nor will it be over if and when the President resigns or is successfully impeached and removed from office.

Core cultural convictions  — gods — don’t die so easily. They go underground, as they did during the eight years of the Obama Presidency, until they spy another opening to claim their turf.

you decide 14614081_G

Through it all the choice is to reach up to the God who is above and beyond the dying gods of gender, racial, religious, cultural, and national exceptionalism, or remain their prey.

  • Gordon C. Stewart, Chaska, MN, December 13, 2017.



6 thoughts on “God and the gods in Alabama

  1. Black Church vs white supremacists Evangelicals. The black church has been for justice…… The white Evangelicals have supported white male supremacists, Roy and Jerry Falwell, Jr off the spiritual cliff.

    In 63 the Associate at 4th who gave us the travel money for Selma-Montgomery said “if you get in trouble on the route and go to a tall steeple Presbyterian Church. Prepare to die.” Jerry Hazelrigg. The educated and blacks voters saved the night and rejected Trump.



  2. It was by a hair …. but there’s a bit more to the story that I find encouraging. More than 22,000 Republicans voted using write-in votes for other, non-electable Republicans. They didn’t want to vote Democratic, but they could NOT vote for Moore. 22,000 Republicans refusing the ticket in Alabama is a pretty BIG thing and that they all knew their write-in votes were electorally worthless says more about their character than simply voting would have.

    There IS hope. Sometimes faint, but it’s there.

    My piece on Mikveh goes up on Saturday. I wrote most of it last night, but it needs tweaking.


    • Marilyn, thank goodness for those 22,000 who followed the lead of Alabama Senator Richard Shelby. Shelby is the one to thank for breaking with his party. It is a pretty big thing. Always prone to look on the (not so) bright side 😂, I’m afraid the gain of the AL seat is very temporary. The GOP will find a candidate who will bring home those 22,000 write-in voters. I wish it were not to be so, but the numbers are there. If it were anyone but Roy Moore, AL’s second Senator would still be Republican. In the meantime, I’ll take hope that today there is a God in Alabama and that, at least for today, She’s Black.

      Looking forward to you Mikvah piece. Sell no Mikveh until it’s time.


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