Grandpa, did the president say that?

Elijah and HarveyElijah and I were watching the President’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly when suddenly Elijah sat bolt upright.

Grandpa, did he really say that?

Say what, Elijah? He’s said a lot of things.

Trump at United NationsDid he just call Kim Jung Un “Rocket Man”?

Yes, he did, Elijah.

That’s not right! You told me never to call people names. Then he said he would destroy his country! He sounds like a bully. You taught me bullying’s bad, right Grandpa?

Right. Bullying is bad. It’s always bad. The president just embarrassed every American.

And then he insulted all our allies whose countries are socialist. All our European allies are socialist, right Grandpa? Israel’s socialist, right Grandpa?

That’s right, Elijah. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He still believes in the Boogeyman.

Boogeyman_posterWell, I think he’s acting like the Boogeyman. Don’t ever leave me in the same room with the president, Grandpa. He’s mean. He’s scary!

Don’t worry, Elijah, President Trump will never take care of you. Mom will. Grandma and I will. Your baby sitter will. And the world leaders will babysit Mr. Trump.

  • Grandpa Gordon, Chaska, MN, September 21, 2017.


9 thoughts on “Grandpa, did the president say that?

  1. Hi Gordon. Wise words to your grandson. An embarrassment that makes me so damn angry.

    I am a close and long-time friend of your cousin, Hilda Andrews Nafarrate . She just sent me a copy of your book BE STILL, knowing how much I will enjoy it. I am looking forward to reading it.

    Pam Perkins
    Redwood City, CA

    My new website


    • Hi, Pam! Any friend of one of my favorite cousins, Hilda, is a friend of mine! She makes me proud to be an Andrews. Apologies for taking so long to reply to your comment. I was in the wilderness cabin and forgot to look at the comments when I returned to civilization. Thanks so much for coming by Views from the Edge. Hope you find Be Still! a meaningful read.


  2. There is little I could say regarding DJT that would not cause Elijah concern: What is is depth of his depravity; ignorance, and what does it say about a country that elected this babbling bully buffoon? Bad sentence Elijah.

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