Donald Trump is going to snap very soon, and here is how I know

Richard Willmsen of Infinite Coincidence offers this reflection from a different angle worthy of a larger audience: “I … offer up this short account of my own personal emotional development, and then explain why I think it helps explain why Trump is heading for a breakdown very, very soon.

2 thoughts on “Donald Trump is going to snap very soon, and here is how I know

  1. My problem with this piece (yes, I read all of it) is that we don’t actually know anything about #45’s health, mental or otherwise. He may be suffering from dementia or addicted to drugs. Or suffering from some degenerative illness that turns the brain to silly putty. Remember how he not only never released his tax returns, but also never got a proper medical exam from a legitimate doctor? And how the stupid press never pressed the point because they were so sure he couldn’t possibly win? Well … we don’t KNOW what we’ve got and I think it’s quite possible that the man is already insane. The more urgent question is what’s really going on?


    • That is the problem with this and every other piece we read or write. We don’t know – all we have are surmises, pieces, and “alternative facts” – and what we don’t know can kill us. Read email from an EPA staff member that the entire agency has been told to shut up, close down their entire operation, including payments to existing contractors and graduate student researchers.


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