Make Britain Great Again?

The Brexit referendum results are in and the earthquake in Britain is sending out global shockwaves.

From this observer’s perspective, Brexit happened in no small part because of the sentiment that could elect an unfit American candidate to the office of President here at home: Nationalism. Tribalism. National idolatry: “We are British!” We are Americans!”

The immediate result for Britain is the loss of more than a few Pounds. Watch the tremors in  world markets, hold on to your wallet, and remember that sometimes the people get what they ask for. A lesson in advance for the November election here in the States.

  • Gordon C. Stewart, Chaska, MN 55318

4 thoughts on “Make Britain Great Again?

  1. Actually, that extremely intelligent comment with which I heartily agree, came from BJ 😀. That’s OK, we both answer to either name.😉 The global economy and its offspring the IMF and World Bank, which began in the nineties, have been largely responsible for austerity programs of greater or lesser degree basically world wide. They have resulted in the chasm between the rich and poor; in so-called third world countries this is simply the way things have always been. But in countries that have been “first world,” like America and England, this austerity is new, and not going down well. The terribly sad part is that the people who have been hurt the most tend to be “cheer-leadered” into voting for those who will make their situation much worse much faster. Unfortunately, neither party in this country is likely to really help much, but the slide into third world status and, horridly, into fascism will certainly be much faster under Trump and his ilk than under Dems. That’s why I wanted Bernie and his revolution so badly. If (only if) Bernie not only took the Presidency, but was able to bring a lot of progressives into congress, this **might** have been reversed, though it might have a better chance with a younger man who could definitely serve a second term.


  2. I think a big part of the Brexit vote had to do with the harsh austerity in place in Britain. Their economy is in much worse shape than ours, for many more of its citizens. Surely nationalism also plays a huge role, and thanks to Obama and his economic policies, we have more ability to dump you-know-who into the ash can of has-beens. (Not saying that millions of Americans are not still suffering extreme poverty……)

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    • Thanks, Carolyn. Always interested in how the blame (in this case, for austerity) gets pinned on the donkey. Was it the right donkey or just an easy non-British target? Interested to see what the demographic breakdown of the Brexit vote turns out to be: age, race, original nationality, etc.


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