For My Memorial Service Bulletin

Steve is discussing with his family the following statement to be printed in his Memorial Service bulletin. He’s looking ahead. We hope far ahead, but he is accepting of death.

“The last few months of his life, Steve hired Rev. Rachel Bass-Guenneweg for weekly training in wheelchair Yoga. For the next 5 minutes, Steve’s gift to all present who will receive it, is a sample of this. You will not have to move from your pew, or touch anyone else. Simply follow the directions spoken by Rachel. Enjoy! (If you do not wish to try it, breathe slowly, and offer a silent prayer for others.)”

  • Gordon on behalf of Steve

Click HERE for more about the good Reverend wheelchair trainer, Rachel Bass-Guenneweg.

2 thoughts on “For My Memorial Service Bulletin

    • Hello, David — long time since we’ve communicated, which is my loss. Yes, it’s a real thing. If you go on CaringBridge and sign up for Steve Shoemaker’s page, you can see more and can also post a question for Steve requesting more information. Are you in New Zealand or visiting in the States?


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