Verse – When to Stop Praying

No kneeling after knee replacement,
But can still sit and bow my head–
So not yet

Prayers unanswered for another:
Disease, decline, and death–
But not yet

Aged, depressed, diminished,
But want to see tomorrow’s sunrise–
Still not yet

But when cancer has taken body and mind,
Life is lifeless, no pleasures are left:
Please pray for my peace, not my life.

  • Steve Shoemaker, Urbana, IL, April 2

9 thoughts on “Verse – When to Stop Praying

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  2. Gordon, I know how much you will miss Steven and so I will pray for peace for you as well as Steve. “Feelings, and feelings, and feelings. Let me try thinking instead.”
    ― C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed


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