Donald Trump Has Ended His Candidacy

INTRODUCTION: Views from the Edge posted this piece on April Fools Day, 2016. Perhaps something like this will happen at the presidential town hall meeting tonight.

Orange hair and rude speech are colorful. When a presidential candidate speaks off the cuff in street language, he’s colorful. Like the class clown in junior high school, he’s entertaining. In class, or under the big tent of the three ring circus, the clown captures everyone’s attention. You never know what he’ll do next. He’s colorful.

But sometimes clowns go too far; they push the boundaries of propriety. When a clown offends the crowd, he becomes not only colorful but odoriferous, and nothing can empty a room like an offensive odor. When a clown pretending to be a world leader, wise and substantive, declares that women who have abortions should be punished, but he’s not yet sure how, everyone in the crowd – pro-life and pro-choice alike – is offended by the flatulence.

Today Donald Trump announced the end of his campaign for the GOP nomination. Speaking from the steps of the State Capitol in Madison, WI this morning at 8:30, he took off his “Make America Great Again” hat, brushed back his orange hair, put on his New York Yankees hat, puckered his lips, and declared he never wanted to be president. He just wanted to shake things up. “I’m a businessman,” he said. “The Presidency is for liars and Losers!”

Happy April Fools Day!

  • Gordon C. Stewart, Chaska, MN, April 1, 2016

14 thoughts on “Donald Trump Has Ended His Candidacy

  1. Court Jesters are entertaining too. But they serve a purpose. They make us laugh about things we take seriously. They point out how ridiculous the seat of power can be and often mock those government officials who are arrogant and pompous. Trump is not a court jester but a voice in the fog of political idiocy we have experienced recently on both both sides of the aile. Whether he is presidential timbre is yet to be seen. But another presidential candidate did much the same thing as Trump and was laughed at as an awkard, uneducated, country lawyer from Kentucky. That’s right, it was the one and only Abe Lincoln. One of our most revered Presidents. So before we shoot the messenger let’s listen to what he is trying tell us and what needs to be addressed in this country. Clown or not he has a unique perch to view our country’s Dennis many problems. He is not contaminated by special interest groups, political cronies feathering their own nests nor powerful Pacs. He is funding his own campaign. Is he the messenger we need to listen to? Only time will tell. But listen we must or this country will continue slide down the slippery slope of incompetence.


  2. You almost got me, too. I felt a little hollow inside, wondering if I had so egregiously misread Trump. Good one, Gordon. 😅


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