Sermon on most divisive Christian claim

“I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me [Jesus]” is sometimes used as a billy club, as in, “if you believe, you’re ‘in’ – if you don’t, you’re ‘out’.” According to Matthew Myer Boulton, the statement has nothing to do with belief. Read in context, this line in the Gospel According to John is the opposite: an assurance of divine comfort and inclusion.

Matthew (“Matt”) Myer Boulton, President of Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, is the son of Wayne and Vicki Boulton, friends of Gordon and Steve for 51 years. Matthew’s leadership is a source of great joy. He is the author of God Against Religion and Life in God.

2 thoughts on “Sermon on most divisive Christian claim

  1. You were a PK. I started “church around 5.” I have always heard the phrase used as: 1. Judgemental justification for spiritual superiority; comfort for the SOB who continued to be a SOB with impunity – cause “I heard it, believe it, and I am among the elect.” 99% of the folks who have quoted it to me attend chapels not churches. Jim

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