Last Night’s Iowa Caucus Results

What a difference a year makes. Last night, Senator Bernie Sanders virtually tied Secretary Hillary Clinton in the Iowa Democratic Caucuses. In April 2015 a Views from the Edge post began:

Ted Cruz, Ron Paul, Marco Rubio, and Hillary Clinton are taking their places in the starting gates for the horse race to the White House in 2016. Smiles and frowns all around, emails asking “Are you IN?“ with requests for money from the partisan Yea-Sayers and Nay-Sayers. But the fact is that every horse they ride – conservative and liberal – is owned by Wall Street.

I’m not “IN” until a candidate rides a different horse into the starting gate. Until someone acts and sounds like Floyd B. Olson….

“I am not a liberal. I am what I want to be — a radical,” said Governor Olson to the 1934 Farmer-Labor party convention. A radical is not an ideologue. It’s a person who insists on going to the root of things. Olson was the nemesis of Wall Street, a champion of the people.

Most Americans have never heard of Floyd B. Olson, the popular Minnesota Governor regarded at the time as President Franklin D. Roosevelt‘s successor before his untimely death. The Views from the Edge piece concluded:

“If and when someone like Floyd B. Olson rides a different horse into the starting gate for the 2016 White House horse race, I’ll be IN with both feet. Until then, I’m not IN.

That was before Bernie Sanders came on the scene.

Last night’s Iowa Democratic Caucuses resulted in a dead heat between Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders. Unlike all other candidates, Senator Sanders is not funded by Wall Street. He’s supported by over 3,000,000 small donations by people drawn to his clear message, unwavering consistency on the issues, integrity, courage, and a populism like that of Floyd B. Olson.

In Minnesota many people ask, “What would Wellstone do?” referring to Sen. Paul Wellstone who demonstrated the same straight-talking as Floyd B. Olson, and who, like his progressive predecessor, died too early to run for President.

What would Wellstone do? What would Floyd B. Olson do? Ask Bernie Sanders.

  • Gordon C. Stewart, Chaska, MN, Feb. 2, 2016

4 thoughts on “Last Night’s Iowa Caucus Results

  1. Gordon, the word hermeneutics has a special meeting for me. If you remember I wrote a history fellowship while in seminary on the Hermeneutics of Origen. The paper was rejected and according to Dr. Holland, “The paper was not worthy of a PhD.” Having spent a year on the research and writing the paper, rejection took a terrible toll on my psychic.
    I proposed that Origen’s faith guided his theology and he used the Helenistic method of interpretation was only a tool and not a faith statement. In other words,Origen’s two pillars of faith: Christology and a high expectation of eternal life, directed his theology. Faith over reason more than reason over faith.This countered the prevailing (at that time) thought. Dr. R. Hansen of England was the foremost authority on the subject.
    Twenty years later I took a continuing Ed. Class from Dr. Hansen’s brother. I asked him about my position and he said, much to my surprise, his brother had reached the same conclusion about five years prior (1978). I felt better about my effort and was able to put the “failure” behind me.
    So the word “hermeneutics” holds a special place in my memory bank.


    • Hi, Jim. Your comment on hermeneutics shows up under an altogether different post on “Last Night’s Iowa Election Results.” Not sure why, but glad to learn your work on hermeneutics. Larry Holland was tough as nails, a scholar’s scholar but not a teacher with a pastor’s heart. Thanks for sharing your work on Origen.


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