The Varieties of Religious Appearance

Pulpits and lecterns are “One size fits all!”
Visiting preachers will cover the wall.
A very short woman,
She carries her step in
I’m very tall, so I carry a hole…

  • Steve Shoemaker, Urbana, IL, January 25, 2016

NOTE: These photographs of Steve kneeling (l) and standing (r) were taken several years ago at the historic pulpit of Sheldon Jackson in Colorado.Sheldon_Jackson Sheldon was a smaller guy with a big heart. Steve’s has the same heart and is likely much more humorous than Sheldon, but who’s to say?

2 thoughts on “The Varieties of Religious Appearance

  1. Reminds me of one of the Penn Music Department faculty members — over 7 feet, I think. It always made me smile when he used the top of the card catalog to take notes. More detail 😊: Even after we went digital, there were many things not “back entered”, and in several cases there were items that could not be entered in the computer — detailed notes and “analytics” (uniform name and name/title entries for everything on the disc) too long for the computer to digest, and not consistent with “the rules”. Too much detail, too many entries. 😁😑 At least some of the professors appreciated the work.🙂


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