Black Beatings – White Policemen

How do you explain this? Watch and read Steve’s explanation.

Verse – We Serve & Protect

Sadly, some white policemen
serve themselves, their deepest fears,
on the streets American,
by protecting their ideas:
they think they hear their wives say,
I choose a black man today.

(Only this sort of a Freudian analysis, I think, can explain the extreme anger and violence.)

– Steve Shoemaker, Urbana, IL, May 1, 2015

1 thought on “Black Beatings – White Policemen

  1. Reminds me of the March 3,1991 Rodney King Beating in LA. Soon after the incident Officer Stacey Keen sp? was interviewed on late night talk in Mpls.,WCCO. Keen was the commanding officer at the beating scene. As Keen answered questions I tuned in & got on the line & asked a question about the MO for LA police. I had read the police radio transcript in the NY Review of Books a while before this. It included a conversation between the squad car & the operator back at the station. The police in the car described their interest in a car they spotted speeding. They said they “were up for a beating tonight”. Base radio responded with, “well, back off & light up”. This was to sucker the driver, King, into thinking he could outrun them lving the cops with the excuse for a beating. This was the basis for my question to Keen on the talk show. My turn came & I said, “Mr. Keen is it true that the LA cops are in the habit of finding ways to administer beatings during traffic stops?” The moderator said,” well Mr. Keen, how about that?” Mr Keen said,”well when I was there that wasn’t the case.” So he in fact admitted he could only talk about his time there. Unlikely the case considering The NY Review of Books art documented the history of the LA PD with a profile of the Klan & neo Nazi contingents within the force. It had been cultivated by the 1991 chief & his predecessor.

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