Another Verse by Steve Shoemaker


Ora Conley had not liked
her middle name,
so she said, “I’m Ora Bee!”
It had a ring…
She was teased by kids, of course,
“Don’t sting! Don’t sting!”

She had ten kids of her own
and gave the same
name to her child number three,
“She’s Wilma Bee.”
Willie hated “Wilma,” but
she kept the “Bee”
and she passed it on to daughter
Nadja Bee.

Nadja kept her middle name
just for family:
one odd name would do for school,
thank you very
much… “My Dad was reading
Her daughter naturally was
her Marla Bee.

Grace Olivia Bee carries
on the fame…


– Steve Shoemaker, Urbana, IL, January 20, 2014,

Photo is of Grace Olivia Bee at age 11, grand daughter of Nadja Bee, great-great-grand daughter to Ora Bee, and grand daughter of Nadja’s husband. That would be Steve, who loves bees.




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