White Privilege (with a Twist)

In the year that brought us “Hands up!” and “die-ins” that drew national attention once again to race in America, the SALT Project produced this video.

Thanks to Matthew and Elizabeth Myer Boulton and the SALT Project for permission to blog their commentary. Click HERE for the SALT Project website. Matthew is President of Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis. Liz, like Matthew, is an ordained minister of the Church of Christ (Disciples) and leading light of the SALT Project.

2 thoughts on “White Privilege (with a Twist)

  1. That video was very entertaining – and enlightening….. and how does that compare with Cuba that many of legislators want to keep under sanctions……. Considering how things were in Cuba before Castro took over – re crime and high “White privilege” or at least advantage to the upper class…


    • Good points. Interesting, isn’t it, that we re-established diplomatic relations and trade relations with China and Vietnam, both Communist one-party states, but have withheld the same from the tiny island which is our near neighbor. Before we broke off relations with Cuba, Varadero was the playground of North American businessmen. Beautiful white sand beach with white folks gambling and sunbathing while Cubans waited on them hand-and-foot. Thanks for the comment, Karin.


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