Two Presidents – November 22, 2014

Today is the anniversary of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK), 35th President of the United States of America.

Who killed JFK remains a question for the ages. Someday, perhaps, we will learn the truth of why and by whom he died, but for now the story must be told again, remembered for what it was and for what might have been.

Some things are,
or, so it seems,
“not meant
to be”

Things like
Jack and us
that almost

Yet some things,
I repose,
never fade
or die away

Some things not
“meant to be”
like Jack and me,
live on

As things that are,
I surmise,
not meant
to die

For love is not
a thing,
an object that
can die

It hangs around,
like time,
in spaces all
its own

– GCS, Nov. 22, 2014


It must be remembered and mourned afresh today when hatred for his successor runs rampant and “lapses” in White House security inexplicably abound. One theory of President Kennedy’s assassination includes not only a rogue element of the CIA but also the Secret Service, charged to protect the President. Prayers are in order for the President who stood tall this week in his speech on immigration reform.

For our President, Barack, for the leaders of the nations, and for all in authority, let us pray to the Lord. Lord have mercy.

For the poor and the oppressed, for the unemployed and the destitute, for prisoners and captives, and for all who remember and care for them, let us pray to the Lord. Lord have mercy.

Defend us, deliver us, and in Thy compassion protect us, O Lord, by Thy grace. Lord have mercy.

[Excerpts from The Book of Common Prayer, Form I, 1979 Pew Edition, page 384.]

8 thoughts on “Two Presidents – November 22, 2014

  1. I was in Dallas to give a speech about the assassination. It was live on the internet for 3 days. This was one of the best JFK conferences I’ve ever attended. Only 75 people in attendence but blockbuster speakers with new info about assassination


    • Gary, Congratulations on the invitation to give the speech in Dallas. If you still have it recorded, I’d love see it when we return to Chaska after Thanksgiving. 75 is not a large attendance, but quality has no dependence on head counts. Excellence stands on its own to feet. I’m sure your presentation was just that. Enjoy this Thanksgiving Day. I’m grateful for the friendship with you and Kathy.


      • An amazing thing happened in Dallas. 2 men, Scott Kaiser & St. John Hunt gave presentations about their new books. Both were sons of Watergate burglars. They’re next project will be to write a book together about the personal fallout of living with fathers that are CIA assassins, fathers they didn’t see much of & didn’t know what they did for a living. Kaiser’s father was assassinated himself for trying to blow the cover on the JFK assassination. Hunt’s father confessed on his deathbed to participating in the killing of JFK. They became quite emotional as they met in front of the crowd for the 1st time to share their common experience with their dads.


      • Gary, Kaiser’s and Hunt’s stories are haunting, aren’t they? But they do not come as a surprise, except for their willingness to tell them. I look forward to hearing more. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Glad you posted this – Did not hear any reference to that day today, but then did not have the radio on much either. By the way did listen to Prairie Home companion about 45 minutes in, Garrison sang a great variation the spoke of our need to help those who have less….


    • Yes, it was strangely quiet this year around the anniversary. Maybe there’s too much sadness in remembering the high ideals that took a hit in the president’s assassination. Cynicism and disengagement from the political process, and a kind of grief that doesn’t want to dip back into the hope JFK, Martin, and Bobby represented to our generations.


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