Equal Access to Just Food

Watch this video and consider chipping in to an exciting effort to make locally grown organic food available everywhere. Terry Gips of Sustainability Associates is a leader in the sustainability movement who has blessed a number of in the Twin Cities with his vision and friendship. This project needs to raise $30,000 by October 8. Seems to me the potential impact far exceeds the investment. It’s a model that can be replicated around the country and around the world. Thanks for coming by.

2 thoughts on “Equal Access to Just Food

  1. I tried in my most recent blog to describe my longing for enthusiasm for caring for our earth equivalent to the power we poured into WWII. I guess I didn’t do too great a job of it. Judging by the comments, I managed to describe that time in my life well, but didn’t get across the longing for such a full scale effort for caring for our earth.

    I was thinking to present this link tomorrow to strengthen what I was trying to say. The video is exciting and hopeful. My problem is that it’s not easily obvious where one goes to contribute to this, and the written verbiage gets to be a bit long. But it’s late, now. I have just torn myself away from the Roosevelt’s, struck by the fact that today’s battle of the parties is an old one still being fought. So, I’ll look again tomorrow to see how I want to use it. Maybe I missed something obvious. I am tired, after all.


    • Mona, It’s very late for me, too, so I don’t have energy to look for the information, but I think it must be there on the their site. If not, I think you could go to Sustainability Associates website and get the information. I spoke with Terry this afternoon.


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