The Bristlecone Pines

2 thoughts on “The Bristlecone Pines

  1. Gordon, I was reminded by your sermon of Chief Naquin’s Oak tree on his island, Isle De Jean St. Charles. It had been destroyed by the salt water intrusion caused by the oil company dredging its canals through the reservation land. This caused the roots of all plants to be destroyed by the salt water and as you know the island has washed away. As you said it was a geologist that destroyed the 5000 yr old Bristlecone pine just as it was petroleum geologists that destroyed Albert’s boyhood Oak & thus his very old native Louisiana culture. I guess geologists understand the age of the earth better than anyone but have no respect for the creatures living on its surface.


    • Gary, We didn’t have time before worship to discuss your trip to LA. What I took from your comment was that you were able to “put it all together” though I wasn’t sure what “it” was. Your comment leaves me wanting more. Time for coffee!


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