They want you to believe that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a sinister plot. They do not call the Act by its name. They call it “ObamaCare” after the man they love to hate, President they paint as either a secret Muslim or Socialist or Communist. We’ve seen this kind of demagoguery before. Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it.

This 1954 video of Joseph Welch brought the tsunami of demagoguery, led by WI Senator Joseph McCarthy, to a screeching halt. An exasperated Welsh, Chief Counsel for the Army in the Army-Senate Hearings, finally put the question directly to McCarthy: “Have you no decency, Sir?” The same question pertains to the Right Wing ad scaring the public about a lecherous Uncle Sam (government). Views from the Edge posted that video an hour ago.

2 thoughts on “ObamaCare

  1. Gordon, I just read that the House has agreed to let the government keep running if the Senate and the President agree to delay the implantation of ObamaCare (I rather like the name: Obama Cares about helping people get insured.) for a year. I think this exposes, as nothing else could, the level of hypocrisy in the House. Oddly enough, they admit it themselves, although they may believe that no one will notice. One Republican admitted that they want to stop it now because if it gets started this coming January, people will see how good it is, not only for individuals but for the economy, and they won’t be able to repeal it. Another year of scare tactics and false advertising, however, might scare enough people that it would be easier to repeal.


    • Carolyn, AND one year from now the Republicans surely are banking on having a majority in the Senate as well as the House, but they will still face a presidential veto. I fault the Democratic Party National Committee and party leaders for their failure to go raise the essential premise on which the Affordable Car Act is based. The question is quite simple: Do you, or do you not, believe that everyone should have a doctor? Do you believe that everyone should contribute, according to one’s means, to provide health care for all, and that all should benefit equally in the form of guaranteed health care?
      If not, what DO you believe in? Its a question of morality AND of economics. The business community, for the most part, seems to understand the connection between the Affordable Care Act, controlling runaway costs, and providing a floor of decency. A delay is a joke, as you say. But those who have been taught that government itself is evil, no matter what it does, will easily fall prey to the demagoguery. Unfortunately, the likes of Edward R. Murrow are buried in the avalanche of the vast assortment of partisan news sources and talk radio.


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