Dad was bad today

Barclay (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) and bad Dad (homo sapiens)

Barclay (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) and bad Dad (homo sapiens)

The new puppy (3 pounds 8 ounces) was leaping from my arms, flying to the sidewalk before I knew what was happening. It happened so quickly. Barclay was still excited from meeting the children around the corner; he was not his customary docile self.

The plunge from my arms was terrifying. The yelping was blood-curdling. I thought for sure he had hit his head or broken a leg or suffered some internal injury. He crawled forward under the Blue Spruce for protection, still crying loudly. I fetched him from under the tree, held him close, apologized profusely – “I’m so sorry, little guy. I’m so sorry” – and carried him into the house, still traumatized and whimpering. He settled down in my arms while I checked his body for signs of damage. Finding none, I put him down to see how he would walk. His walk was slow but straight. He spent the rest of the day more quietly but was fine as the day wore on, returning to his playful self during late afternoon play time.

Barclay greeted Kay’s return from work with a wagging tail and kisses to her face, as if to say, “Dad was bad today, but I forgave him. I’m glad you’re home!”

8 thoughts on “Dad was bad today

  1. I’m not much for social media, but clicking around today I learned about Barclay! I’m so excited to meet him and I’m thrilled you and Kay took the (pet) plunge again. Congratulations!



  2. This is Kay…..this “Bad Dad” is the best friend a pet could have…..the reason Barclay forgave him was that this “Gordon/Dad” is the one who feeds him, takes him outside right on time to do his business, and —get this—wakes up at 1:00 am to take the little guy out! No grumbling, it’s all straight commitment to the sweetness of Barclay’s development as a great dog (and Dad’s renewal as a great parent). Not a bad trade off, I’d say.


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